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How to Develop a Better Relationship with Your Dog

It is really adorable to see a strong and loving bond between man and dog. Each dog has a different combination of intelligence, temperament, and energy level among other things. This is what makes dogs such wonderful companions. It’s also the same reason that makes living with them a challenge. However, dogs are still dogs, the ..
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10 Things Dog Owners Need for the Home

You finally have a dog. Congratulations! Before the new member of your family moves in, you should have a few things in place first, including a dog crate, bed, food and water bowls. To keep a clean environment for you and your pet, there are items like dog grooming kits, dog hair vacuums, and dog ..
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Choosing the Right Dog Breed

Dogs are great companions! Sadly, they’re not for everyone. Wanting a dog is not enough reason to get one. Dogs are animals that need to be cared for. Caring for them means giving time, effort, patience,  and even money. You may want a dog, but you may not be ready to take care of one. ..
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Choosing the Right Dog Food

Whether or not you are a first-time dog owner, you can be guilty of feeding your furry companions just about anything. While you may not see the harm in this, you may be surprised that your dog’s nutrition plays an important role in its health. A responsible dog owner ought to know. If you haven’t been ..
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