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10 Things Dog Owners Need for the Home

You finally have a dog. Congratulations! Before the new member of your family moves in, you should have a few things in place first, including a dog crate, bed, food and water bowls. To keep a clean environment for you and your pet, there are items like dog grooming kits, dog hair vacuums, and dog bathing kits. Then there’s the food and treats for your four-legged friend.  Here is a fun list of things to tick off for dog owners.

Dog Cage or Crate

crate for dogs

A cage may seem like a hostile idea, but having one does not mean you will lock your dog inside. A cage or a pet crate will come in handy for certain situations. There are times that your dog might need to be secure in a cage for his own good. It will also be useful if you want to take your pet anywhere. There are pet crates that are made especially for traveling.

A cage or a pet crate can be made into a comfortable space your dog will love. Just leave it open, and you can put the dog bed inside and probably add some toys. But besides making it your dog’s bedroom, you can also make it his feeding area. Place the food and water bowls inside so that he knows where to go when it’s feeding time.

Dog Bed

dog bed

A doggie bed is a must! Dogs will love a soft and comfortable place to sleep on. It comes in different styles and sizes. Make sure to pick one most suitable for your dog.

Food and Water Bowls

There are different designs in the market, but bowls made of aluminum are the most durable and they are easy to clean. Plastic can be an option too. Pick bowls that have rubber bottoms so that they don’t slide when your dog eats or drinks.

Dog Food Storage Containers

To keep your dog food fresh, make sure you keep it in a secure place.

Dog Food and Treats

dog treats

Of course, you must have food ready before your dog moves in. Choosing the right dog food is very important. Ask your vet about it.  Also, ask the breeder you got your dog from what food was he giving your dog. Do not buy too much dog food at first. Observe your dog’s eating habits and its preferences. You can try changing its dog food until you find the one that it likes best while giving it the nutrition it needs at the same time.

Treats are also perfect for training your new canine.

Collar with ID tag

dog collar

Aside from collars being fancy, they are important in case your dog gets lost. Have a collar with your contact information in it. Also, collars must be made of soft and comfortable material. Collars can cause discomfort to your dog. Observe how your dog responds to a collar. It is natural for your dog not to like it at first, but it will eventually get used to it. Just make sure that your dog’s neck is not hurt.

Leash and Harness

Walking your dog gives it the exercise it needs. It is also a great way to develop your bond.


soft dog toy

Your dog will get bored. No matter how much attention you give it, it will get bored. There are different kinds of toys it can preoccupy itself with. You should introduce your dog to his toys so that he knows that he can only play with its toys and that the other things inside your home are off limits. If you have a puppy, get toys he can bite on whenever it is teething.

Grooming Kit

dog grooming kit

This will include the basics: brush, scissors, razors, nail clippers, and tweezers.

Bathing Kit

You must have a dog soap or shampoo ready. Pick the ones that are not harsh on your dog’s skin. Read the label carefully and ask your vet what soap or shampoo does he recommend for your dog. Flea powder is also a must-have. And don’t forget to buy a towel for your dog!


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