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Choosing the Right Dog Food

Whether or not you are a first-time dog owner, you can be guilty of feeding your furry companions just about anything. While you may not see the harm in this, you may be surprised that your dog’s nutrition plays an important role in its health. A responsible dog owner ought to know. If you haven’t been careful about what you feed your canine friend, it’s not yet too late. Follow these steps to make sure your furry companion eats right.

Step 1: Visit a veterinarian

You’re supposed to have a veterinarian who checks your dog on a regular basis. Before you worry about your dog’s nutrition, you have to make sure that your canine friend is up to date with its vaccinations and deworming.

Your dog does not have to be a pure breed to be entitled to vet visits. You can also ask your vet to know what is the breed of your dog if you are unaware.

Find out as much as you can about your dog. Each breed has a different set of characteristics. Understanding your dog’s breed will help you better understand its dietary needs.

If you rescued a dog and you’re not quite sure of its age, your vet should somehow give you an approximate. Age is also significant in knowing what to feed your dog, how many servings, and how frequent.

Your dog may have allergies or it may also suffer a condition that you are unaware of. If your dog is sick, it will most likely need a special kind of diet.

Did you know that even dogs can suffer obesity? You might think that a fat dog is cute, but, when it is too heavy for its breed and age, it might experience difficulties. Usually, your dog is overfed if you do not feed it the right kind of food.

Step 2: Take your dog’s nutrition seriously

You have to listen to your vet. Dogs tend to eat anything. However, there are picky eaters. If your dog only wants to eat something tasty, even if it’s not healthy, be stern. Prioritize your dog’s nutrition.

If your dog, as recommended by its doctor, has to stick to a particular diet, follow it religiously. It is wrong to think that you are depriving your beloved canine the love it deserves when you do not give it the food it wants. Give your dog the food it needs.

Step 3: Let your dog choose but provide him with healthy options

Dog food comes in different varieties you can choose from. You can even choose a raw diet for your dog. However, you have to do research. You can’t just feed your dog anything that is raw. As long as your vet does not prohibit it, it’s okay. You can personalize your dog’s diet so that his enjoyment is not compromised.

Usually, the dog food found in the market is classified into two:

(1) Dry and

(2) Canned/Wet.

When choosing whether to go dry or wet, you could check which does your dog prefer. Try feeding your dog with both and your dog will tell you what it likes!

It is important that you look into the labels on the packaging. Read the ingredients. Some ingredients are great for your dog’s hair; some dog food may have ingredients that facilitate muscle building.

If there’s something unfamiliar, look it up or ask your vet. Pick out the dog food with the proper nutrition and let your dog decide from the nutritious options you provided.

In choosing the right dog food, you have to take into consideration what your veterinarian tells you. If you have a healthy dog and your dog does not need to stick to a strict diet, take your vet’s opinion into consideration but know your other options. In making a decision, it’s your choice and your dog’s. Do not forget to involve your furry companion in the process of choosing its dog food.


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