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How to Develop a Better Relationship with Your Dog

It is really adorable to see a strong and loving bond between man and dog. Each dog has a different combination of intelligence, temperament, and energy level among other things. This is what makes dogs such wonderful companions. It’s also the same reason that makes living with them a challenge. However, dogs are still dogs, the same way that humans are humans. Here are some facts we can keep in mind in nurturing our relationship with our canine friends:

Dogs are domesticated

dog pet

For generations, dogs have evolved to coexist and even depend on humans. Keeping this in mind, you have to make sure that you are a reliable and nurturing provider for your dog.

What are your dog’s basic needs?

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Exercise

A good owner won’t just provide the bare minimum for a dog’s survival but will provide more to make sure that the dog lives a happy life. If your dog feels that it is well taken-cared of, it will find you reliable and will remain loyal.

Go the extra mile, don’t just give your dog any food, give nutritious and delicious dog food. Add some treats as well!

Don’t just give your dog water, give it clean water and put some ice sometimes when it’s hot outside. If your furry canine is not lactose intolerant, surprise him by giving him milk instead.

Don’t just give your dog a place to sleep in, buy it a comfortable doggy bed. These things will be appreciated by your dog, and it will definitely tell you that – in its own way.

Don’t just take your dog for a walk around the block, your dog is a physical animal that loves lots of exercise so going on longer hikes with your dog will be beneficial for both you and your four-legged friend.  Here’s a fun infographic on how to administer dog first-aid for when hiking.

Dogs are social pack animals

dog pack

You’ve probably seen episodes of Dog Whisperer. If not, you’ve probably encountered a dog who is hostile even to its own family. There are many reasons why and there are a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration. Dog owners tend to to spoil their pets. This does more harm than good.

A great relationship between a man and a dog is a relationship filled with respect. If your dog doesn’t respect you, it can even be violent towards you. This is because dogs are social pack animals, and in the pack, there is a leader.

Even if dogs have been domesticated ages ago, they still have this trait. Dogs will naturally look for a leader. If they can’t find this leader, they will be confused and anxious. If they are anxious, they can be aggressive. Being a follower is one of your dog’s most ingrained characteristics.

It is your dog’s instinct to be part of a pack and to follow the leader of the pack. Since we took in dogs as our pets, there is now a void that needs to be filled. You, as your dog’s owner, should be the headstrong leader of the pack.

Miscommunication is a common problem of dog owners. If you do not hesitate in becoming your dog’s leader, your dog can understand you better and you won’t have the same problem.

Once your dog accepts you as the leader of the pack, it will respect you and obey you. This does not mean that you will dominate your dog. Being a leader to your dog is not abuse or oppression. It is understanding and acceptance of what a dog really is.

A good leader is not cruel. A good leader takes care of the members of his pack. A dog who respects you also trusts you. To develop a better relationship with your dog, it must trust you.

Dogs sense emotions

dog hiding

“Trust works both ways.”

That is a quote by Alyson Noel and if you want to have a fulfilling relationship with your dog, you must believe it.

Your dog can sense emotions. If you are afraid, they know. If you are afraid of them, of course, they know. If you don’t trust them, they know. How will your dog trust you if you cannot trust it? Again, trust works both ways.

Test this by spending more time with your dog. You will be amazed at their sense of empathy. This is why dogs are used for therapy.  Dogs relieve depression. Isn’t it amazing?

We must understand dogs as they are, not as what we want them to be.


  • Rob December 17, 2017Reply

    I have had five dogs that I raised from a pup. I had them their there entire lives. I was apalled when I learned that approximatly 70% of all dogs do not live their entire lives with one owner. I want another dog but I am waiting until I am position to give that dog a home for life. I prefer a pup but I will get a shelter dog this time because there are so many that are in shelters.


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